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3340018 AIRCONTACT LITE 藍精靈 35+10 SL   [穿越系列]
產 地: 越南
重 量: 1580 克/GRAM
規 格: 72x26x20 厘米/CM
容 量: 45 升/LITER
負 重: 極限負重 15 公斤/KG
售 價: 1999 元/RMB     
功 能
  • SL女款
  • VariQuick背長調節系統
  • X型支架
  • 頭盔罩掛環
  • 人體工學腰翼
  • 可擴容頭蓋
  • 登山杖固定環
  • 底部單獨隔間
  • 濕衣物隔層
  • 兼容供水系統-3L
  • 頭蓋
  • 腰翼前拉式收緊
  • 內部貴重物品口袋
  • SOS求救指南
  • 可調高度的胸帶
  • 負重調節帶
用 途
  VARI QUICK 背長調節系統 
   The back system can be adjusted to the individual back length quickly and easily for an optimal fit with the convenient length adjustment system.

   The contact back system with its open-cell functional foam provides perceptibly good ventilation and makes for a perfect balance of pleasant carrying comfort and low net weight. Ideal requirements for an effective transfer of weight.

ECL 腰翼 
   Effective transition of weight through ergonomically cut, compact, ECL hip fins that custom fit the hips. Special pads precisely adjust to the hip and provide stable and comfortable hold of the load.
材 料
    The lightweight version of our Nylon Pocket Rip. The thin yarn is extremely lightweight. Yet the tight weave makes it extremely abrasion and tear resistant.
  • 600D PES
    Made from 600 den Polyester thread and with a thick PU coating, this multi-purpose fabric is robust and lightweight. It is most suitable for backpacks, used in average conditions to keep the weight to a minimum.